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Anesthesia may be provided by a combination of board certified physicians and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA). 
The physicians included in this group are: 
  • Philip Biello, MD
  • Benjamin Jacobs, MD

Doctors Bilello and Jacobs are Board Certified Yale trained anesthesiologists dedicated to delivering outpatient/ambulatory anesthesia at the Paoli Surgery Center. They utilize an anesthesia team care model at the center providing and maintaining the continuity of care for the surgical patient.   Both physicians are highly skilled in the administration of regional anesthetic techniques (auxiliary blocks, interscalene blocks, foot and ankle blocks, intravenous blocks, digital blocks, spinal anesthesia) and have extremely high success rates.  Doctors Bilello and Jacobs have proven track record in the region and are regarded as superb clinicians in the local medical community.  They will continue to focus upon patient outcome and satisfaction, operating room efficiency, surgeon and staff satisfaction.

The types of anesthesia provided range from sedation, regional, and general anesthesia.